How Title Works

Video Series

The Consumer Friendly Video Series, where your “Title Insurance Expert,” Jerry, has some fun as he guides you through the title insurance process related to real-estate purchases in the State of New Jersey.

Episode 1

Title Commitments 1:27

Your Title Insurance Expert Jerry shares entertaining answers that will guide you through the title insurance process related to a real-estate purchases in the State of New Jersey. This episode is about title commiments, where to find what is covered and what is not covered.

Episode 2

What is Title Insurance? 1:50

This video answers one of life’s greatest questions, “What is Title Insurance?” Title Guru Jerry Yao shares his humorous insights into “How Title Works” by cleverly explaining Title Insurance and how it protects home buyers.

Episode 3

Sheriff Sales 1:32

Perfect for real estate investors, this episode of How Title Works addresses the area of sheriff sales. It answers questions like “Doesn’t a sheriff sale give you clean title?” It informative, it’s fun, it’s entertaining.

Clear Skies

Video Collection

Clear Skies Title Agency shares entertaining and creative videos related to the title industry.

2019 New Jersey

Real Estate Predictions 3:05

Top real-estate agents in New Jersey make their prediction on the 2019 real-estate market. It includes information for home buyers, home sellers, and investors. It’s informative and fun!

Title Search

Invest-Ray Glasses 1:46

The investor benefits of using for title searches before attending a sheriff sale are highlighted in this video spoof of the classic infomercials. It informative and fun!


Special Investigative Report 3:07

The true confessions from inside a title insurance company. Who are they looking out for and how you can protect your real-estate investment.


Happy Titleween 1:00

Have you ever worked with a scary title company? If yes, then you will love this video about title insurance and title companies!

How the Grinch Stole

The Real-Estate Closing 3:08

A humorous look at buying a new house at Christmas, Grinch Style!